No time to wait around? We understand. Take a few moments now to Xpress yourself—and save time at the Green Depot.

Xpress is a more convenient way to make it count. After you register for an Xpress account, you can simply bring beverage containers to your Green Depot, print labels at the self-serve kiosk, attach them to your bags—and go! The Green Depot takes it from there.

Skip the lines and sign up for xpress

Create an account

Drop your bags

Collect your refund

How to Xpress Yourself

1. Create an account.

  • Register for your Xpress account at any Green Depot or online
    Provide your name, mailing address and a telephone number. Your phone number is automatically assigned as your Xpress account number.
  • Create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to securely access your Xpress account balance and collect your refund.

Register NOW

If you ever need to change your Xpress information or if you forget your PIN, take your photo ID to a Green Depot and an employee will help you.

2. Drop your bags and go.

  • Simply bring your bags of empty beverage containers to any Green Depot and log into the Xpress kiosk using your account number (telephone number).
  • Enter the number of labels that you want to print and attach one label to each bag of beverage containers.
  • Simply drop your bags in the designated area and go!

3. Collect your refund.

Within five business days of being dropped off, your bags will be processed and your refund will be deposited into your Xpress account. Individuals and businesses can withdraw money from Xpress accounts by visiting an Xpress payment counter at their local Green Depot. Charities and community groups can access refunds donated to their Xpress accounts by requesting a cheque at their local Green Depot.

Don’t forget, your PIN is required to access your Xpress account balance and to collect your refund.

Charities and community groups can simply share their Xpress account telephone number with donors so they can print labels and donate beverage containers to the corresponding group’s account.