Xpress is an account-based system available at all Green Depots that allows customers to quickly drop off your beverage containers and claim your refund later! It’s easy – register for an account online, drop off your bags for later processing - and go. You will receive an email once your recyclables are processed and your account is credited. Your refunds will stay in the account until you request a withdrawal.

Skip the lines and sign up for xpress

Create an account

Drop your bags

Collect your refund

How to Xpress Yourself

1. Create an account.

  • Register for your Xpress account online. Follow the instructions. Your phone number is automatically assigned as your Xpress account number.
  • Create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to securely access your Xpress account balance and collect your refund.
  • Your account will be available to use at your local Green Depot 24 hours after registering.

Register NOW

If you ever need to change your Xpress information or if you forget your PIN, take your photo ID to a Green Depot and an employee will help you.

2. Drop your bags and go.

  • Once you have registered for an Xpress account, you can drop your bags at a Green Depot for later processing anytime during regular business hours (use the Green Depot finder to see the hours as they may have been updated due to COVID-19).
  • At your local Green Depot, you will go to the Xpress kiosk and drop-off location and log in to your account using your phone number. Enter the number of labels that you want to print, then attach one to each bag of beverage containers.
  • If no self-service kiosk is available at your Green Depot, a staff member will request your phone number and print and attach your labels for you.
  • Labels printed at your local Green Depot must be used at that location. Labels printed from other depots will not be accepted.
  • Leave the bags in the designated drop area and go!

Charities and community groups can simply share their Xpress account telephone number with donors so they can print labels and donate beverage containers to the corresponding group’s account.

3. Collect your refund.

  • Normally, within five business days of being dropped off, your bags will be processed and your refund will be deposited into your Xpress account. While Green Depots continue to navigate COVID-19, processing times may be delayed.
  • Customers can go to the depot to collect a cash refund, however we ask that you refrain from picking up refunds where possible while we navigate COVID-19 and contact your local Green Depot to explore other options.
  • Don’t forget, your PIN is required to access your Xpress account balance and to collect your refund.
  • If you forget your PIN, take your photo ID to a Green Depot and an employee will help you.

Questions or concerns? For inquiries related to your refund or the status of your order, please reach out to your local Green Depot! For other inquiries, please contact MMSB at 1.800.901.mmsb or inquiries@mmsb.nl.ca